About Kennel

O hodowli

"" A dog doesn't need fancy cars, big houses and trandy clothes. Social status symbols have no meaning for him. He only needs his muddy stick. Dog doesn't judge others by the color of their skin, faith and orgin, but who you realy are. For dog it's no matter are you rich or poor, educated or illiterate, wise or foolish.Give him your hart and he will give you his. It's really simple but we so much wiser and more sophisticated people still have problems with the definition of what counts and what doesn't.(...)Everything will be all right with us if we will just opened our eyes. Sometimes just what we need to understand it's a dog with ugly smelling breath, terrible manners and clean intention."

J. Grogan - Marley and me

O hodowli

My adventure with dogs began 18 years ago when I got the first dog. It was Owczarek Syberyjski. Fascination lasted years.. Next in our house were German Sheperds, wich stay with me for the half of life.

One day, reading another book, my attention turned a beautiful dog with a golden coat...This was precisely the Golden Retriever. Since then, it took a couple of years, and I have a kennel and wonderful friends :)

We live on the outskirts of Szczecin, surrounded by wild nature.This is where we create our own place on Earth ...

Dogs are my passion and an integral part of my life.I teach them every day, they give purpose and meaning, without them my world would not be the same...They are with me in everyday life, impatiently waiting for a joint walk, although the few moments spent together, we love them - they trust us to be completed each other ...

O hodowli

The name of a kennel „z Głębi Serca” was not accidental. Everything what I give to my dogs comes from there and I get the best gift for it - their happy look. I always want to have them side by side.

I thank my parents for having taught me to love dogs and take care of them. I thank them for having allowed me to begin a wonderful adventure with cynology, thank them for having supported me and helped to understand.

Thank you my friends for your invaluable help in rearing subsequent litters, for the preparation of dogs for shows, for the fact that I can always rely on you. For advice and support ...
Thanks a lot for all owners of puppies „z Głębi Serca” for giving them the perfect conditions for life, for your love and care for the very patient with their upbringing.

Anna Kraska